UK Government Scientists Suspect and Watch on the cases of COVID-19 Reinfection

The government of UK is effectively tackling the pandemic situation and the government’s senior scientific advisers has warned that reinfections with COVID-19 are ‘to be expected’ as the novel coronavirus spreads and that the timeframe between each infection may be “relatively short”.

COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium released a paper with the batch of documents by the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) stating that it remains unclear at what point recovered people become vulnerable to reinfection but the prospect of reinfections does exist based on human response to other kinds of coronaviruses, such as those behind flu and common cold.

The paper noted that the reinfection is to be expected even though at present the point at which an individual is likely to be susceptible to reinfection is unknown. During the survey the cases that have begun to reported pertaining to reinfection in an individual is highly short. The report also reported that the concept of any long-term immunity from COVID-19 without a viable vaccine into serious doubt.

The UK government is currently under various levels of high or very high alert restrictions as the number of infections continues an upward trend. The documents released are service of paper and SAGE meeting released as the part of government’s efforts to reflect transparency in its proves of COVID-19 lockdown.

Another 16,171 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the country this weekend, with 150 more people having died. This takes the total number of coronavirus cases in the UK to 705,428 and the death toll to 43,579. PTI AK SCY SCY

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