Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Trump Secures the AstraZeneca Vaccine Before UK Does

During the interview with the media, US President Donald Trump said that he is in the process to secure the deal with global drug developer AstraZeneca for the Covid-19 drug before the UK does. Two weeks before the US general election the president declared that he’ll deliver 300 million doses by early next year under his $10-billion Operation Warp Speed plan to the Americans. The US has invested US$ 1Bn in AstraZeneca in order to develop the drug while the UK has put in £84 million for research in the UK, and £388 mn for research in other parts of the world.

During the interview with AstraZeneca, the spokesperson said that it has collaborated with Oxford University experts, and revealed that supplies will be delivered according to a first-come-first-served basis. The company also said that if US regulatory clears it first then they will get it first. Boris Johnson has already secured 100 million doses. However, it will lag behind in the race if US regulators give the go-ahead first.

This news counter hopes that the Oxford vaccine would be available in the UK as soon as it passes all the trials successfully.

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