Study suggests, this chemical compound can promote a healthy ageing in humans.

A Chemical compound by the name BAM15 a mitochondrial uncoupler may prevent sarcopenic (age related loss of muscles and strength) obesity and increasing fat tissues. The study was published by a lead author named Dr Wagner Dantas, in a journal. The study was conducted on aged and obese mice and was found that the compound helped the mice to lose weight and gain muscle while reducing age related inflammation.

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Dr Axelrod a co-author stated that younger obese adults are not affected much by muscle loss, however with age, that does change. Aged obese adults suffer rapid muscle loss which can lead to falls, stroke, heart related diseases early death and poor quality of life.

The frailty and weakness which is common in sarcopenic type of obesity are also seen in aged mice. After giving them BAM15, they lost weight, became stronger and active. The study further says muscle mass was increased by up to 8%, strength by 40% and fat lost was 20%.

BAM15 reportedly makes mitochondria less efficient resulting in more energy burning. However, scientists are not yet labelling it as a miracle drug as more research is needed for determining its effects on humans.

BAM15 findings, however, have important implications in the improvement of quality of life in aged people as the prevention, delay and reversing of the causes of sarcopenic obesity can allow humans to live longer. Doctor Kirvan, executive director at Pennington biomedical, says the data highlights that mitochondrial uncoupler can have an important role in the improvement of human health span in older age. BAM15 improves some of the key determinants of human health and age including making healthy mitochondria, removing of damaged mitochondria, reducing age related inflammation which is linked to muscle loss.

Doctor Kirvan further says its highly important to have an extended health span than an extended lifespan, suppose a person can add 20 years but if the life quality of life is bad, then what’s the point?

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