World Hypertension Day; how to deal with this silent killer?

Hypertension or High blood pressure is when the blood in the vessels puts high pressure on the artery walls at extremely high pace causing lot of damage if not given immediate treatment. Hypertension can get worse with age unbeknownst to the patient which can lead to heart failure, artery damage, stroke, and some chronic illnesses.

Hypertension doesn’t have any specific symptoms that one can get diagnosed. Yet there are certain symptoms which will help us determine whether we are suffering from it.

Headaches: Many times, headaches in the morning are a sign of hypertension, immediately consult your physician.

Nose-bleedings: If one is facing nose bleedings often, it is time to get them checked.

Shortness of breath: Breathing difficulties and shortness is a sign of high BP. In severe cases, shortness of breathing can contribute to pain in the chest.

Irregularities in heartbeat: Also called as arrhythmia, it can occur in patients with hypertension. It’s a result of extremely high BP, here blood impacts the artery walls.

Bloody urine: If there are bloody traces in the urine, it’s a sign of extremely high BP and cancer. If there are noticeable dark red color in the urine consult your doctor immediately.

How can you avoid High BP?

  1. Consuming a healthy diet: Diet rich in vitamins, minerals, whole fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats can help us avoid the High BP problem.
  2. Avoiding junk food: Junk food is high in sugar, salt, bad fat and bad carbohydrate. Limiting or eliminating it from your diet is known to be a good way to regulate blood pressure.
  3. Limiting sodium: Sodium is found in high amounts in outside food or in fast food. Avoiding high sodium will regulate your BP.
  4. Limiting alcohol intake: Heavy drinking is linked to high BP, avoiding it will help to avoid the problem of getting hypertension.
  5. Eliminating smoking: Smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of High BP.
  6. Maintaining a healthy weight: Being overweight or obese is directly linked to having high BP. Hence maintaining a healthy weight is very important.
  7. Being physically active: Physical activeness is as much important as maintaining a healthy weight.
  8. Getting enough sleep: Poor sleep quality or inadequate sleep may result in high BP hence getting enough of it is highly necessary.

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