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Nutrition & Weight Management Market is Driven by the Growing Prevalence of Obesity Conditions

According to Ameco Research, the global nutrition & weight management market size is estimated to grow a CAGR above 9% over the forecast timeframe and reach a market value of around USD 258 billion by 2030.

Nutrition & Weight Management Market
The Growing Prevalence of Obesity conditions is Driving the Global Nutrition & Weight Management Market

Weight management and nutrition relate to the study of applying lifestyle and nutritional changes to maintain a healthy body mass. Most weight loss solutions include a balanced diet and physical activity levels based on a person’s height, age, and gender. People today utilize a wide range of weight-loss programs, such as low-calorie foods and beverages, meal replacement products, low-calorie sugary snacks, white tea, exercise routines, and procedures.

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Obesity rates have risen as a result of poor lifestyle choices and increased consumption of fast food. This has resulted in an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. As a result, consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and they are embracing nutritious diets and training regimens to keep healthy and fit. This is one of the primary factors propelling the market forward. Furthermore, rising obesity and overweight rates are putting significant pressure on public healthcare resources around the world. As a result, governments across the world are launching attempts to lower the occurrence of these disorders through rewards and wellness programs.

Global Nutrition & Weight Management Market Growth Aspects

Furthermore, several of the market’s leading competitors have recently released dietary supplements including a variety of ingredients, such as fibers, botanicals, and vitamins, to help consumers achieve a higher metabolism rate. This has benefited the global nutrition and weight management industry. Additionally, increased disposable income and consumer buying power, as well as a rising gym culture and an increase in the usage of weight-loss drugs, are other factors driving market expansion.

Obesity is a major issue in both developed and developing economies. Chronic disorders such as diabetes and orthopedic problems are common in the overweight and obese population. As a result, an increasing number of fat people is driving growth. Furthermore, an increase in poor eating habits, a lack of physical activity, and the expansion of the fast-food restaurant business all contribute to an unwanted and unproductive lifestyle, which leads to obesity. Furthermore, people’s increasingly hectic lifestyles and anxieties drive them to consume unhealthy fast food. As a result, all of these factors contribute to development.

The increased prevalence of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is becoming more widespread worldwide as a result of factors such as a lack of regular exercise and the consumption of unhealthy foods. Childhood obesity induced by hormonal imbalances is extremely rare. Children’s total number of idle hours is increasing as they spend more time watching television and playing online games. Overweight children are more likely to become obese adults and to acquire diabetes and Cardiovascular at a young age. According to the World Health Organization, the proportion of overweight children under the age of five was predicted to be over 41 million in 2014, with Asia accounting for over half of these kids. As a result of this tendency, the global demand for healthier healthy diets is predicted to rise.

Regional Overview

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa are the regional classification of the global nutrition & weight management market. North America leads the worldwide nutrition and weight management market, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. The United States dominates the national market in North America. The United States has dominated the obesity treatment products market in North America because of the country’s increasing incidence of overweight and obesity, as well as greater awareness about individual well-being and expendable cash.

Asia Pacific is predicted to develop at the quickest CAGR during the projection period. The increasing numbers of overweight and obese inhabitants, as well as the rising prevalence of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, are driving the market growth. A new approach toward appropriate exercise routines is also propelling the market growth. Increased awareness of various weight reduction and control solutions is another element driving market expansion.

Market Segmentation

The global nutrition & weight management market has been segmented by Ameco Research based on type. Based on the type, the market is divided into nutrition, training equipment and services.

Major Players

Some key players covered global in the nutrition & weight management industry are Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., Olympus Corporation, Ethicon, Inc., Nutrisystem, Inc., Herbalife Nutrition, Johnson Health Technology, Ltd., Covidien, Apollo Endosurgery, The Kellogg Company, and Cybex International.

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