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A one time jab can completely cure HIV soon, read to know more;

Scientists at the Tel Aviv university have published new study findings on how one type of WBC could be engineered to secrete anti HIV or human immunodeficiency virus antibody. Based on these results the team is hopeful that they would soon be able to make a one time only medicine for AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome and some other diseases.

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Treatments such as ART or anti retroviral therapy has helped patients with HIV live longer and normal lives. They are needed to take meds every day to reduce the number of viruses in the body to make it undetectable. When the virus becomes undetectable, there is a zero risk of transmitting the virus. However, treatment is still essential for HIV so the quality of life of a patient will improve significantly.

The Israeli team developed a genetically engineered B cell inside the body, which is a type of WBC, to enable them to secrete the neutralizing anti body which can act against the viruses. Until now not many scientists have been able to make B cell outside of the body, this is a first of its kind research where the cells were made inside the body and also acted as anti bodies. This genetic engineering is carried out with viral carriers derived from the virus that had been engineered to not cause damage but bring gene code for anti body. Animals who were being administered for the treatment had high quantity of anti bodies.

CRISPR genome technology was used to achieve this feat, this technology enables to target a specified area of genome by using molecular search engines to create some cuts in DNA, to remove or insert some DNA genes or segments. We integrate the ability of CRISPR for directing the introduction of genes into required genes to required cells. An addition to the advantages for this method is if the virus gets mutated the B cell also get adapted to combat it.

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