World No Tobacco Day 2024: Want to quit smoking? Here are 5 tips to manage cravings

Quitting cigarettes or tobacco addiction is challenging. Despite knowing the numerous disadvantages, many people try to quit repeatedly, only to relapse after a few days. To successfully quit, it’s essential to set a clear goal and identify a strong reason to stop smoking. Here’s how to manage cravings effectively:

Smoking can be fatal. Each year, the World Health Organization highlights the dangers of tobacco and related products on World No Tobacco Day. Many smokers are aware of these risks but still struggle to quit. Millions die annually due to smoking-related diseases like cancer, TB, and other severe illnesses. Smoking increases the risk of various cancers, including lung, colorectal, breast, throat, cervix, bladder, mouth, and esophagus cancer. To quit smoking, consider making lifestyle changes and using certain strategies during cravings. These changes can help you overcome cigarette and tobacco addiction.

Steps to Quit Smoking

Motivate Yourself
To break an addiction to cigarettes, tobacco, or alcohol, start by strengthening your resolve. Believe in your ability to quit. Seek support from a doctor or a supportive family member. Keep trying, even if you relapse.

Drink Coffee
Smoking is addictive and its absence can make you feel irritable and empty. When cravings strike, drink black coffee. The caffeine can make you feel more energetic. Avoid alcohol, as it can trigger cravings.

Regular exercise can keep you fit and help manage stress by releasing happy hormones. Aim for a one-hour workout each day. Exercise increases dopamine levels, aiding in the fight against cigarette and tobacco addiction.

Eat These When You Have Cravings
If you experience cravings while quitting, drink a glass of very cold water or chew cardamom. For tobacco users, a mouth freshener can help. Additionally, celery, cloves, black pepper, acacia bark, and peppermint can calm cravings.

Use Mouth Fresheners
To aid in quitting smoking, consume cloves, fennel, cardamom, licorice, and cinnamon. These can ease the process of quitting smoking and tobacco. If cravings are intense, consider using nicotine replacement gum, lozenges, or patches.

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