The quietly growing kidney cancer

With growing population, the risk of non-communicable diseases has been increased and the 10th most common among all is Kidney cancer. During a lifetime the risk of developing Kidney cancer is around 2.02% in men and for women it is 1.03%.

The risk of increase in Kidney cancer increases with growing age. Irrespective of all other risk factors Kidney cancer can be caused due to high blood pressure, tobacco, obesity and heredity. People who suffer chronic kidney failure are at higher risk of having Kidney cancer. In the past several decades Kidney cancer has been increased rapidly.

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The abnormal growth of cells in Kidney tissues triggers Kidney cancer which later takes a form of mass called a tumor. There are several types of Kidney cancers few of them are Transitional cell cancer, Wilms tumor Renal sarcoma and Renal cell Carcinoma.

It is difficult to detect Kidney cancer in early stages as it shows symptoms after is starts to spread and may grow quietly. Patients can see symptoms once the tumor grows, some of the symptoms one can observe is blood in urine or urine can be seen in red, pink or black in color. Unless the tumor causes interference in urine flow or penetrate adjacent areas Kidney cancer is not usually painful.

A continuous back and side pain can be developed in later stage. Some inexplainable cause of concerns can be seen like loss of appetite, weight loss & tiredness. As per the upcoming data it is important to note that Kidney cancer has been detected more in younger generation. It is tough to diagnose Kidney cancer as the patient don’t experience symptoms in early stage.

To understand the tumor better techniques like CT scans, Ultrasound, PET scans and MRI can be helpful. There is no need of Renal tumor biopsy instead, a CT scan can be done to diagnose Kidney cancer.

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