Global Esports Market Surpass US$ 7,100million by 2028 | CAGR 25%

According to Ameco Research, the worldwide esports industry will increase at a CAGR of more than 25% throughout the forecast period, reaching a market size of more than US$ 7,100 million by 2028.

The esports sector is growing at a breakneck pace and is expected to be worth billions of dollars in the near future. Companies in the esports industry, teams in the esports industry, and even athletes in the esports industry are all worth millions. Millions of dollars are invested in esports contests. Some claim that the potential value of esports net worth will one day surpass the value of traditional sports such as football, basketball, and boxing. It’s natural for millennials and younger generations to play and be fans of esports, and it’s quite reasonable for people of a certain age to wager on them.

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The Esports market expands with the growing number of online gamers across the world

One of the primary reasons for the increase in esports viewership is that more people are becoming aware of the sport. Since 2015, there has been a massive increase in public awareness of the esports business. There were somewhat more than 800,000 persons who knew about it at the time. These figures shifted quickly, and by the next year, over a billion people had heard about eSports. These figures increased by a few hundred thousand per year in the following years. By 2017, 1.28 billion people were aware of eSports, rising to 1.43 billion in 2018 and 1.8 billion in 2019.

The majority of esports organizations throughout the world have recently started on a big public awareness campaign that has helped to popularize the sport. Social media networks, as well as media efforts, have played an important role in ensuring that eSports receive more attention. Faster connections have contributed to the global dominance of esports to a greater extent. With the introduction of 5G network connections, the sector’s revenue has a better possibility of doubling in the next five years. Because it has been established as a good investment destination, the industry has seen a lot of capital in recent years. According to evidence, the sector receives millions of dollars each year for infrastructure development.

The entertainment industry has rushed into action to catch the attention of billions of people around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to spend more time at home, with live streams of concerts, opera performances, museum visits, and more. The cost of creating a game for one of the major systems has increased in lockstep with the complexity of video game creation. Spending millions on a game was once unthinkable, but today’s games can cost tens of millions.On the other hand this business lacks uniformity; there are always issues with players, teams, tournaments, and their advertising, sponsorships, and contracts. As a result, this element in the esports business poses a significant impediment to market expansion.

Global Esports Market Segmentation

The global esports market is categorized into revenue and regions. The revenue segment is categorized into sponsorship, advertising, merchandise & tickets, publisher fees, and media rights. The sponsorship segment accumulated the largest market share in 2020 and is likely to continue its trend during the forecast period 2021 – 2028. Through a single framework, eSports allows consumers to experience many game components such as ladders, tournaments, and leagues. Professional gamers who are usually members of sporting groups or are sponsored by businesses compete in esports. Nvidia and Intel, for example, have long-standing sponsorship agreements with esports organizations and teams. By offering gaming-related products, these behemoths have been able to boost their market share and brand recognition thanks to such big sponsorships.

In terms of regional distribution,Asia Pacific is the largest esports market, followed by the North American market. According to, the United States has the second-largest esports market in the world, with over 160 million gamers. This means that the United States is home to more than half of the world’s esports players. China leads the pack in terms of revenue distribution, with a significant share of combined revenue from both esports and online gaming. In terms of statistics, the United States is a key player in the sector because it is home to the world’s largest esports infrastructure. The United States currently boasts the most esports leagues in the world.

Major Players

The Esportsmarket is consolidated with a big number of players. The prominent players offered in the report include Activision Blizzard, Inc., Electronic Arts Inc., Faceit, Gameloft SE, Modern Times Group, Nintendo of America Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, Tencent Holding Limited, Valve Corporation, and Wargaming Public.

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