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Sharp Rise in Acute Medical Beds Occupied by Children with Nowhere Else to Go

According to safeguarding experts, a third of all children’s severe health centre beds in England are occupied by vulnerable children who do not require severe treatment but have nowhere else to go.

Physicians claim they appear to be high-priced “sitters” for vulnerable kids, the majority of whom are still in treatment but whose placements have crumbled due to their heinous and also self-destructive behaviours. Others have severe neurodevelopmental or eating disorders and require specialised treatment not available on typical children’s wards, where they can become “stuck” for months at a time.

Cops are increasingly being called to help limit the children’s movements or to bring them back when they flee. Paediatricians told the Guardian that they’ve had to care for vulnerable children who weren’t sick but had such difficult behaviours that they couldn’t be cared for in children’s homes.

Advice from Charlotte Ramsden

Charlotte Ramsden, the head of the Organization of Supervisors of Children’s Services, stated that failing to improve the appropriate conditions for traumatised children would lead to more child self-destruction and also more children ending up in captivity after harming others. She claimed that children were being ejected from their homes with less than 24 hours’ notice due to their bad behaviour, and that some had attempted suicide.

Police have been dispatched to her hospital’s paediatric ward in order to assist the team, she claimed. “Many children who are distressed do not require sectioning under the Mental Health and Wellness Act, but they are unable to return home because their parents are unable to cope or the environment is inappropriate. Mate, it’s not just the looked-after kids, but also the kids on the kid security strategy. Autism affects a large number of children.”

Specialist Paediatrician Claimedthe Apprehension of Susceptible Kids

The apprehension of vulnerable children on severe wards, according to Dr Vicki Pedestrian, a specialist paediatrician who serves on the RCPCH’s safeguarding board as the looked-after children’s agent, suggested numerous social failings. “It is a factor of completion in an extremely stressful life. We need to look into what happened in the lead-up to see what kind of assistance they and their families received,” she stated. “This is a societal issue, and it leads to these extremely vulnerable kids believing that no one else cares about them.”

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