“Joe Wins China Wins” says Donald Trump: US Election 2020

In the US with the election on the head, the opponents are trying to gain the attention of the voters through speech in conference, press meeting and online. Even the former US President Donald Trump in the press meeting couldn’t stay control himself saying the former US vice president Joe Biden has enormously harmed the US economy in his five decades. He even said that if the democratic leader wins the November 3 polls then it would be considered as the win for China as “Joe Wins China Wins”.

In the rally conducted in Dayton, Ohio President Trump said Joe Biden has done nothing and has spent last 47 years outsourcing the job from the US to foreign countries.  VP Joe shipped all the jobs to China whereas I have spent last four years bringing the jobs back to our country back to Ohio. Joe Biden, 77, and his running mate Kamala Harris are challenging incumbents President Trump, 74, and Vice President Mike Pence in the presidential election.

The president on mike even said that November 3 will decide the future of the country on November 3 Americans will decide whether to lift the nation to soaring new heights of prosperity or whether we will allow Joe Biden –Sleepy Joe — to shut down the country economy, by imposing US$ 4 trillion tax hike, abolish Ohio clean coal, oil, natural gas, and ship the country jobs/your jobs in factories overseas to China and countries that you never even heard of.

The audience applauds to the statement where the president said if Biden wins, China wins. If we win, Ohio wins and most importantly, in all fairness, America wins. Because finally you have the president who puts America first and I do put America first.

Underestimating the risk of ongoing coronavirus the President even held election rallies “protest against stupidity” in the last two weeks thousands attended the event without a mask and breaking the social distance law. In the protest, Trump said it’s not just a rally it’s a friendly protest that’s related to workers, programs, and all the things we love. We are protesting stupidity because so many stupid things you see happening around.

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