Serum Institute to Resume the Final Trial of the Vaccine: COVID-19

As the effect of the COVID-19 in an increase in the country, the number of cases registered is surging peak by nearly one lakh everyday scientist are putting enormous efforts in order to get the vaccine ready as soon as possible. As a part of these efforts, Adar Poonawalla-led Serum Institute of India has begun the final phase of human trials for the covid-19 vaccine which is developed initially by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

Trials: Phase-3 trials starting this week:

As per the report the human trials of the vaccine candidates named Covishield is expected to begin this week. The study and tests will be conducted at started-run hospital Sassoon in Pune. According to Dr Tambe volunteers have stared enrolling for the trials that are to be started soon this week Monday. Hospitals have started enrolling the candidates from September 19.

With the rising pressure, some volunteers have already come forward for the trial and around 150 to 200 volunteers will be administrated with the vaccine dose. Hospital also stated that whoever wants to volunteers for the trials should directly contact the hospitals.

Results: Phase-2 results still pending:

In the other parts of research, the phase-2 trial of the vaccine is yet to be published that was started last month at the Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College and KEM Hospital in Pune. The trial process was put to halt for a few days after a participant in the UK witnessed the severe reaction of the vaccine. Later after the investigation, it was found out that the shot to be safe resulting in the trial’s resumption.

Manufacturing: Serum Institute is also manufacturing Covishield:

As the work on trial continues SII is also moving ahead with the risk manufacturing as there shouldn’t be any shortfall of the vaccines during the time of regulatory approval. CEO of drug-maker Poonawalla stated that if all goes according to the plan and they expected to make the shot available by end of the year.

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