The Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Centers in Munich and Chicago is now CEIV Pharma-certified

The Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Centers in Munich and Chicago, which opened in summer 2020, is now CEIV Pharma-certified. This implies that, notwithstanding CEIV Pharma accreditation as a carrier, Lufthansa Cargo offers an incredible pharma organization of 32 stations around the world. After broad testing, the CEIV Pharma mark of the International Air Transport Association additionally affirms to Lufthansa Cargo in Munich and Chicago the solid dealing with and capacity of dire and temperature-delicate shipments as per the most noteworthy worldwide norm. This is additionally especially applicable for the vehicle of profoundly delicate COVID-19 vaccines, as these should be shipped worldwide and with the most extreme dependability.

The Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Hub Munich is one of a kind at the strategically significant center point. The best in class cold storeroom opened at Munich Airport in August 2020 and is the primary cold storage space there with CEIV Pharma affirmation. Covering right around 1000 square meters, it offers two distinctive cooling zones (+2 to +8 °C and +15 to +25 °C) just as a profound freeze cell. Both during stockpiling and dealing with, the temperature of profoundly touchy drug shipments can be ideally kept up.

As a central dealing with point for drug items in the U.S., the CEIV Pharma-guaranteed Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Center Chicago opened at O’ Hare Airport in June 2020. A profound freeze cell and two diverse temperature ranges (+2 to +8 °C and +15 to +25 °C) are spread over roughly 750 square meters here. The cutting edge Pharma Center additionally offers space for 54 beds in a novel and temperature-controlled rack stockpiling framework.

The Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Hub Frankfurt was at that point expanded in 2018. On large extent, drug transports at Lufthansa Cargo are taken care of by means of the center. With around 8,800 square meters, it is one of the world’s first refrigeration places with CEIV Pharma accreditation.

In December 2020, Lufthansa Cargo extended its contribution for the vehicle of COVID-19 vaccines. Coronavirus Temp Premium offers unique extra administrations, like consistent observing, high-need limit access or every minute of every day after-deals uphold, and is along these lines obviously fit to the vehicle needs of the requesting drugs.

Lufthansa Cargo thinks back on many years of involvement with moving drug items and furthermore has CEIV Pharma carrier accreditation. Notwithstanding 32 affirmed stations, the load crane offers transports to up to 200 extra stations with Active Temp Control or Passive Temp Support. The organization accordingly has one of the biggest drug networks on the planet.

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