Noble And Aptar Pharma’s Adhereit- Connected, Intuitive And User Friendly Device

AdhereIT is a connected, intuitive and user friendly onboarding solution for patients who self administer the drugs at home, using auto injectors. It is the first ever fully interchangeable, and connected add on solution that is compatible on multiple auto injector platforms.

Aptar Pharma is a US based global manufacturer of consumer dispensing packaging and drug delivery devices. Noble Pharma is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for pharmaceutical products.

AdhereIT is an important advancement for Noble and Aptar Pharma who to aim foster healthy outcomes for patients suffering from chronic diseases and self administer their therapies. These patients partner with biotech and pharma companies to provide robust onboarding programs and training devices.

According to a report by Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, adhering to the prescribed treatments is a difficult challenge. About 45% of the psoriasis patients discontinue the prescribed treatments in short intervals. As per the study, the major reason for this includes lack of confidence during self injection, insufficient training and communication with the trainers, lack of control and high anxiety. The pandemic has further complicated the process owing to patients opting for remote healthcare and telemedicine. Thus the Healthcare Professional (HCP) training opportunities with the patients has reduced.

AdhereIT enables patients to gain confidence and control over the home drug delivery system and lowering anxiety in patients while getting self injected. AdhereIT is a part of the digital ecosystem which integrates with the Aptar Pharma’s Digital Healthcare software applications by pairing with patient’s auto injector via Bluetooth. The device is available in two designs – single hand or both hands injection process. When the drug is injected, AdhereIT gives haptic feedback whether the drug was administered accurately and also provides real time audio, visual of the injecting event. AdhereIT’s onboarding platform provides a smart analytical dashboard which allows the HCPs to monitor the patient’s therapeutic performance and provide information related to adherence behavior.

“This innovative technology further enhances our ability to improve patients’ lives by creating a seamless integration of injectable products into our disease management offerings,” said Adam Shain, Director of Business Development for Digital Healthcare, Aptar Pharma.

Connected medical devices are the future of healthcare of patients, Pharma Industry and the HCPs involved in tracking and treatment of chronic illnesses.

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