COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Australia can free its citizen’s vaccines

In a COVID-19 Vaccine deal with pharma important AstraZeneca, Australian Premier Scott Morrison informed that all Australians would receive the vaccination free of charge. One day later, he declared vaccination and indicated to all in his hometown that he should be compulsory as well. However, within hours of making the divisive and ill-informed announcement, he was forced to backtrack and make clarification on his statement. The trust in the vaccines being created is relatively low in some countries, particularly when the vaccine is being manufactured rapidly. Different surveys in the United States and Europe have found that many people do not know when the vaccine is safe.

In the USA Anthony Fauci was asked about the option of making a vaccine mandated for everyone and said he did not feel it was obligatory in the USA; the infectious disease specialist and one of the most reliable speakers in the current pandemic.

This is the first offer for Australia, and Morrison said that his Government was going to discuss many possible vaccinations with “many parties around the world.” A final agreement on the prices is still to be concluded between the region and AstraZeneca and a local producer. But, Australia has concluded an agreement to buy 100 million needles and syringes for the administration of doses for 25 million dollars (18 million dollars) with Becton Dickinson. While neither of the currently developed coronavirus vaccines has yet demonstrated efficacy in clinical trials, at least 5.7 billion doses have been decided in advance worldwide. Phase 3 reliability tests involving thousands of people, including an Oxford vaccine, was carried out by 5 vaccines — three western and two Chinese. Also in the US, Europe and Brazil, AstraZeneca has signed dosing agreements. Gavi’s Vaccine Partnership would also have India manufacture Oxford vaccine in 57 low- and middle-income countries for delivery. The United States has often snapped up first shipments of a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Western labs.

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