Yoshihide Suga, a Farmer’s Son Who Could be the Next Japan Prime Minister

Mr Suga is one of the few leading Japanese politicians not from an affluent, political family and a son of a strawberry farmer and a teacher from rural northern Japan. Charisma is not his public figure’s first or second or third term. At 71, he’s much older than Shinzo Abe, who abruptly told him that he quit because of his poor health at the end of August. Continuity presents Mr Suga, the long-term Chief Cabinet Secretary of Mr Abe. After a succession of rotating door prime ministers, he promised to continue from where Abe had left off. This gesture would convince him. And Mr Suga called for a historically united democratic system that opposes reform in Japan, where peace sometimes exceeds ideology.

The governing LDP is due to vote on its succession on Monday. LDP. Japan is not the presidential method — members of parliament are electing the country’s leader, but the new LDP leader should be able to become prime minister quickly, whatever it might be. There also is the former Minister for International Affairs, Fumio Kishida and former Minister of Defense Shigeru Ishiba. The election of Suga marks the culmination of the 72-year-old’s unbelievable and impossible political career. Suga and Abe have been in touch with each other for almost a decade since 2012. He was Abe’s right-hand man the remainder of his life, working as the Prime Minister’s member of the government, as a mixture of Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. Abe was among the country’s longest-served leaders since the end of World War II.

In his general frustration with the treatment of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, Abe has opened up his political rivals. The critics argue they have not been able to fix the gender disparity between women and children or overcome problems that hinder the expanded involvement of women in the economy and politics, and while Abe’s demands for changes in the field of fair treatment of women in employment, major concerns such as substantial government debt and ageing demographics remain high. Suga was widely seen as a good spokesperson as Chief Cabinet Secretary because he could convey a message without undermining it or his boss. But the same ability could pose a challenge in the top job, in which voice and charisma are crucial features for conveying a message to the public.

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