Sudden Share Jump of Johnson & Johnson: Launches Phase-3 Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

In the press meeting Johnson & Johnson Company said that the Phase-3 Covid-19 Vaccine Trials on 60,000 participants showed a positive data. The single shot dose which demonstrated the safety profile and immunogenicity after a single vaccination were supportive of further development. During the conference the spokesperson also said its aims for producing and supplying more than billion doses of vaccine across the globe through the course of 2021. The company will also share the decision on the vaccine’s effectiveness either later this year or in the first months of the next.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues across the globe it has also impacted the daily lives of people. The CEO Alex Gorsky stressed saying the company’s goal remains the same leveraging the global reach and scientific innovation of our company to help bring an end to this pandemic. In order to fight the pandemic the world’s largest healthcare company, we are bringing to bear our best scientific minds, and rigorous standards of safety, in collaboration with regulators, to accelerate the fight against this pandemic

The company’s share were marked 1.7% higher in the early trading of the phase 3 trials. The company has focused on high R&D activities and is committed to clinical trial transparency and share the information related to our study including details of our study protocol. The pivotal milestone demonstrates our focused efforts toward a COVID-19 vaccine that are built on collaboration and deep commitment to a robust scientific process

Large numbers of companies are in hunt for vaccine including Moderna, Novavax, and Pfizer. Some are waiting for regulatory approval for it mRNA-based vaccine as early as October. The World Health Organization says that around 150 potential vaccines are currently under some form of study, with 34 active human trials taking place from Russian to Bahrain.

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