Made in India iPhone 12 Starting Mid-2021

According to a study, Apple plans to start manufacturing the iPhone 12 locally in India. The new production plan is supposed to be initiated in the middle of next year by Apple partner Wistron. The Giant Cupertino is now installing some of the iPhone models that exist in the country. The iPhone 11, iPhone XR and other versions such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are included. In May 2017 in the country, Wistron has manufactured iPhone models.

Apple has identified five iPhone models in India so far, with the iPhone 11 the latest in July making-in-India operation. Wistron is also expected to launch development of the iPhone SE (2020) in the country by the end of this year. The Business Standard report also states that Wistron plans to employ about 10,000 employees in a new plant to expand local production. However, the facility currently has about 1,000 employees. In addition, the contract producer has a projected Rs 2,900 crore investment to finance its operations.

The new Wistron facilities in Narasapura district of Kolar in Karnataka and roughly 70 kilometers from Bengaluru are stated separately by The New Indian Express. This is second plant in Karnataka, following the first plant in Peenya, Bengaluru where the contract manufacturer has already manufactured the previous iPhone versions.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad disclosed at the start-in-month that under the government’s production-based incentives (PLI) program to take on and increase local manufacturing in the region, Apple ‘s contract manufacturers Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatrons had applied for a $6,64 trillion (roughly Rs 49,768 crores). Although both Foxconn and Wistron are locally producing iPhone models, Pegatron is still launching its local production. The latter, however, is actively engaged in talks with the governments to start operations in the country soon.

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